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Solar Maintenance

It is important to have your solar panels maintained periodically to avoid dimishing their lifecycle, efficiency and safety. Harvest Cornwall can offer advice on your specific installation and if required we can carry out the maintenance for you.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels will gradually gather a build up of grime that will decrease the amount of sunlight getting to the panels. Solar panel manufacturers state that your keeping your panels clean can improve efficiency by as much as 20%. It is important to be sure any cleaning fluids or materials are non-abrasive and suitable for the task, therefore will not damage the panels or leave a residue that can also hamper their efficiency.

Solar Panel Cleaning Cornwall

Roof Clamp Assessment

In the majority of cases solar panels are attached using roof clamps. Cornwall is Zone 4 on windloads. Although we use the highest quality mounting kits over time they can become corroded, deteriorate and break, especially installs near the coast. It is worth once every few years having the clamps checked and if they have corroded then to have them replaced. It is also prudent to have the accessible roof hooks checked (the roof hooks on the outside of the array) to see if they have had any deterioration, if so then these will also need replacing. 

Solar Panel Roof Clamp

Ordering a Service

Ordering a Service

Unless you can safely reach the panels yourself, you may wish to have your cleaned and maintained by a professional. Harvest Cornwall do offer cleaning services and safety checks. 

Please contact us to discuss your system so we can give you an upfront cost for your servicing your solar panels.

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