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About Solar

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) generates energy not only during sunlight hours, but also on cloudy days with low and diffuse light. This is why it has become so popular in the UK. Solar PV provides electricity throughout the home, this can reduce bills dramatically and provide a source of income from the government Feed in Tariff.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

The installation of solar panels has increased dramatically in the United Kingdom over the past few years for a few reasons. Firstly the arrival of photovoltaics, otherwise known as solar PV, meant that we were no longer reliant on direct sunlight because solar PV continues to generate with low and diffused light  The result is a far higher generation of electricity than previous solar panel types. 

The introduction of the Feed in Tariff scheme has been a huge contributing factor for the increase in solar PV installations. For the first time ever in the UK owners of solar panels were able to get paid for all the solar electricity they generated based on a meter reading. 

For more information on the returns you can get from solar PV, please see Solar Paybacks.

Solar PV Panels Diagram

Our Expertise

At Harvest we have extensive knowledge and experience on a wide variety of installations: 

  • Ground mounted systems
  • Slate/concrete tile/flat/corrugated roofs
  • Integrated roof systems
  • Domestic/Agricultural/Commercial/Schools
  • Battery storage solutions

The main components within a solar PV system are the inverter and solar panels, and there are many manufacturers to choose from. Because of the variety of roof sizes and types, we do not anchor ourselves to one particular type of solar panel or inverter, this allows us to specify the best system for your property. 

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