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We take great pride in the way we carry out our work. Here is a small selection of some of our completed projects in heat pumps and solar.


Newquay Hotel

We were approached by the a Hotel in Newquay to firstly monitor usage of the Hotel over the holiday season at its busiest time. 

To do this we used a 3 phase OWL monitoring system, over the 3 months that we monitored the hotels usage it was obvious that they drew more electricity from the grid in the morning and evening. The data gathered tied in well with the behaviour that the owners of the hotel had witnessed. Televisions, kettles, electric showers and hair driers were used in the morning the guests would leave after breakfast and return late afternoon or evening. 

An East / West solar PV system was specified which would generate the majority of its electricity in the afternoon and the evening. On specifying the system the client had restricted space for the system which would need to be mounted on a flat roof. The mounting system specified was by Renusol a German manufacturer, the back to back system utilised all the space available and minimised any possibility of shading. 

Due to the size of the install it was not only the flat roof that was utilised, there were areas of pitched slate ( Delabole) that panels were installed on and lower flat roof areas that were subject to shading. To make the best use of all aspects we used 3 inverters over the 3 phase supply. In the areas that were shaded we used Solar edge optimisers and inverter (link to solar edge).

System installed East / West Solar PV System
System size 16.75 kW
Annual generation 14692 kWh
CO2 savings per year 8345 tns
Newquay Hotel Solar Panels

We are very happy with our installation and it's performance. Harvest Cornwall were professional about the whole process. We would recommend Harvest Cornwall to anyone looking to have renewable energy measures installed.

Newquay Hotel, Newquay