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Central Heating

Radiators work well with either Air Source Heat pumps or Ground Source Heat pumps. There is a lot of confusion around this and poor advice from less experienced installers.


Central Heating

Because Air Source and Ground Source run on lower temperatures then the radiators need to be larger. If you wanted to increase only some of the radiators slightly, then the flow temperature of your central heating from your renewable heat source would be 50 degrees, in a lot of cases this usually means radiators from the larger rooms can be moved to the smaller rooms and a few radiator changes are made. 

However if you wanted to lower your running costs further you would look to achieve a flow temperature of 45 degrees usually means changing most of your existing radiators, we will often advise the use of double fin radiators to achieve the lower flow temperature but if you are restricted for space you can use a triple fin radiator, this will increase the depth slightly but not the width. 

Finally, there are smart radiators which are a very efficient way of achieving low flow temperatures, a smart radiator is very similar in looks to a normal radiator but with the addition of a small fan to push the air efficiently around the room, unfortunately the cost of smart radiators can often out way the financial benefits. 

Power flushing

A power flush is a great way to clean out the existing pipework even if it is brand new. A powerflush will minimise future corrosion remove and prevent sludge from building up. The maintaining af the water in the system can vastly improve the efficiency of your heating system and any heat source attached to it be it a gas boiler, Air Source Heat pump or Ground source heat pump. 

In recent surveys by boiler manufacturers in the UK they found that less than half the systems checked had been treated correctly, and had never been chemically flushed. 

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Smart Controls

Smart controls are a simple way of keeping tabs on your heating system when you are not there, from either a smart phone, ipad or computer. They allow you to adjust the heating accordingly over broadband without actually being at home. Smart controls offer better control and therefore better efficiency of the overall running of your heating system. 

Smart Heating Controls