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Ground Source FAQs

Some questions we are frequently asked about our services in ground source heat pumps. If you can't find your answer please contact us.
  • How often do ground source heat pumps need to be serviced?
    Once a year, in many cases this is necessary to keep the warranty valid. 
  • Are they difficult to operate?
    No, a ground source heat pump operates from the Thermostats in the house, if you set the temperature at 18 °C and the temperature in that room drops below, a signal will be sent to the ground source heat pump which will deliver heat until the thermostat is satisfied. Many ground source heat pumps can now operated remotely using a phone or computer. 
  • Will a ground source heat pump work efficiently in an older property?
    Yes, in some cases you may need a larger heat pump because the properties heat loss is higher that a newer property but this will be determined on the heat loss report. If your property is very old and drafty it may be better to have some other energy saving methods put in place before a heat pump is installed we can advise you on this. 
  • What is the COP?
    Coefficent of Performance, this refers to the heat pumps efficiency a good example would be electric radiators which have a COP of 1 this means for 1kW of electric you will get 1 kW of heat. In the case of a heat pump it is more like 1kW of electric for 4 kW of heat. 
  • What is the SPF?
    The SPF seems very similar to COP but it is the heat produced by the ground source heat pump less the electrical input as this does not qualify as renewable heat. 
  • Legionella Cycle?
    Often done by using an immersion, the hot water sits in the tank at 50 °C and therefore needs to be taken up once a week to over 65 °C to kill any bacteria in the cylinder. 
  • Typical life span?
    Ground Source Heat pumps have been running for over 20 years in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden.
  • Does a Ground Source heat pump provide all my central heating and hot water?
    Yes. Ground source heat pumps are designed to deliver 100% of all your hot water and central heating. 
  • Will my ground source heat pump work with my solar panels? 
    Yes, ground source heat pump running costs can be lowered even further when you have solar panels, it is important that you remember these savings will mainly be in the summer months when your ground source heat pump is often only needed to provide hot water.