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Here we keep you up to date with all things renewable. Alongside company news, you will find articles and guides around renewable technologies.

Silence breaks on solar's smart energy guarantee

Solar generators WILL get paid for exporting excess electricity.

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Campaigners make waves outside parliament with huge sea creature

They’re calling for a net zero target by 2050 to help protect our oceans.

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Waitrose launch refillable zones to combat plastic waste

Customers are being urged to bring their own containers to refill on those grocery staples.

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Britain reaches record breaking coal-free fortnight

It’s the first time since the industrial revolution.

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Are you thinking about the carbon footprint of your shopping?

New figures reveal shoppers want a recognisable carbon label on the products they’re buying.

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Solar installs greater than 50kW miss out on feed-in tariff

Registrations in this band have hit the cap.

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It's a plastic free red nose day for Cornwall

Sir David Attenborough praises Cornish school for their efforts.

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Children set to storm Truro in Climate Change protest

Students are skipping school in protest, demanding parliament make efforts to protect our future against climate breakdown.

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New builds will not be heated by gas from 2025

Government announce they are banning fossil fuel heating in new homes from 2025.

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