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Air Source Maintenance

Maintaining or servicing air source heat pumps should be carried out by an accredited installer. Each manufacturer stipulates their own criteria for servicing, which must be met in order to carry out the service correctly. In many cases a yearly service is necessary to keep the warranty valid. If your service is due, please contact us and we will arrange a visit.

A basic checklist of our ASHP service

  • Glycol check - this is carried out with a refractometer and gives a reading of the percentage of antifreeze in the system.
  • Field settings - Run through field settings to check they are all as per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Strainer cleaning - often there will be a strainer on Air Source Heat pumps to prevent dirt entering the machine, this dirt collects in a strainer and can affect flow rates of the heat pump, it is a good idea to clean this out once or twice a year.
  • Clean the coil 
  • Immersion - check current and if it is still performing the legionella cycle. 
Air source servicing cornwall