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Air Source Installation

The correct installation of an Air Source heat pump is crucial to its efficiency and longevity. Unlike a conventional boiler the heat pump needs to be sited correctly, and attention to pipe diameter must be considered at design stage. The life of a heat pump can be extended by using corrosion resistant coatings, micro strainers, magnetic cleaners and power flushing the existing system.

Power flushing

If there is an existing system that you want to attach an air source heat pump to, then we recommend a full chemical system clean is carried out using a power flusher.  This will run until the central heating system is clean and by doing this it will stop any cold spots in radiators, help flow rates, improve efficiency and ultimately improve the life of the Air Source heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating Efficiency

Pipework from the heat pump to cylinder and from the cylinder to central heating must be at the correct diameter to give good flow throughout the house. The correct type of insulation is a crucial part of maintaining the heat when it comes to the transfer of heat from heat pump to central heating system.  

Air source insulated pipework

Access planning

Access to strainers, lever valves, pumps and diverter valves must be planned and installed, so that access for serving and any maintenance is a simple as possible. 

Air Source Heat Pump


Although we very rarely get deep frosts here in Cornwall, Glycol (antifreeze) is needed in the system in case a frost occurs. Without the right percentage of Glycol there is a risk that the unit could be damaged by frost. Percentages of Glycol are checked and recorded using a refractometer.